Clinic Management Software

Clinic Management System

Client: A leading Clinic at Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.

Growing the medical practice by automating clinic acitivities - click through lots of patient records, manage appointments and run meaningful analytics.

The scope of the proposed system included an Appointment Booking, Live Chat and Patient Management. The following outcomes are expected.

  • Easy appointment booking
  • Efficient patient management
  • Analytic reports

DSS developed an exclusive approach to

ClinicNEXT users found the system increased the efficiency of workflows and saved time. They reported less redundancy of work and improved communication among medical team members. Data retrieval and storage were also mentioned as positive results of the new Clinic Management system.

With the appointment reminders to the patients, the patient return rate to the clinic is improved drastically.

The clinic staff showed positive attitudes during training and throughout the learning process. There are improved processes, increased efficiency, reduced errors, quality information, better access and data management compared to the previously used manual system.